I promised this a long while ago, but earlier last month I managed to catch up with Simon from the Nantwich Shadow Seekers at Costa Coffee House in Nantwich. We did an interview about his non-profit paranormal investigations group. They have done investigations all over Staffordshire and Cheshire. They’ve been to all the local favourite spots including the famously haunted Crewe Lyceum Theatre and the Nantwich Bunker. They’ve investigated churches, prisons and the reportedly ‘most haunted house in Prison’ the Pontefract Poltergeist house that was the focus point of the film ‘when the lights go out.’

Simon has been a paranormal investigator with over twelve years experience and he shares his stories and his beliefs that he has come to over from over a thousand investigations.

I’ve uploaded it in full and unedited. As always please like and share it and ask any questions you want. As me an Simon are keeping in touch I can forward any comments or questions on.

As Simon invited me to go on an investigation with him I will follow it up later in the year as I join him on an investigation and see what footage I can get.

Please bear in mind, this audio clip contains strong language and content some people may find offensive.