So I’ve been away for a long while again, but this time I’ve come back with another classic… People get into the paranormal and alternative media through tow main forums. Weather you get deep into Slender Man, or inter-dimensional entities.  It comes from two main doors… You either start with ghosts or UFO’s. Now I’ve stayed away form the latter, largely because it’s something I have no experience in at all. I’m a horror writer and that takes me down a path I know nothing about and haven’t researched enough to interview anyone over. But for the former, that’s why I got into this. So after Chris Berry on his conspiracy theories (who I’m trying to get back on), and Chris Peil on alternative health, I’ve  decided to go back to what started it all, and talk about ghosts.

Essex Ghost Hunters over nearly ten years experience in paranormal investigations. They have some massive claims and have backed this up with some good evidence and challenged me to come all the way down to the land of fake tan’s and white teeth to go to the famous Cash Woods  to put their skills to the test!

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