I got to do an interview I was looking to do for a long while. It’s always a pleasure to talk about the paranormal, ghosts, cryptozoological and UFO’s. I’ve got a long list of true crime stories to cover and I really can’t wait… This is something a little different. I first got the idea of doing an alternative fitness interview when listening to interviews from www.alternativehealthnews.com

It gave me the idea of talking to someone who had a really strong valid and celebrated form of alternative therapy in the form of fitness, not just supplements.

Meet Chris Peil, at 34 years old he’s manged to get up to a lot with himself and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down any time soon.

Having worked in fitness since 2002 he currently works with the Move Well Project as well as being the Educational Director at My Online PT. In his own words, he specialises in movement screening and corrective exercises. Now this has not only worked with some top level athletes to win at the highest international level and break word records in human performance. He also works with people with chronic conditions.

His client testimonials speak for themselves, so if your one of my basketball coaches, personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts or just want to follow someone on facebook who can help with all the little aches and pains associated with every day life, listen to the interview and watch a few of his videos.

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