16 04, 2018

Richard Pierce talks great white sharks in the UK

Richard Peirce is one of the better known experts on sharks in the UK. He is the author of more than seven books and DVD's that have been released on subjects from sharks in the UK to Execution Sites in Devon and Cornwall (2013). I didn't think I would get more than 20 minutes with him but ended up managing to extend it. I really

16 02, 2018

The Essex Ghost Hunters, and Anne Boleyn

So I've been away for a long while again, but this time I've come back with another classic... People get into the paranormal and alternative media through tow main forums. Weather you get deep into Slender Man, or inter-dimensional entities.  It comes from two main doors... You either start with ghosts or UFO's. Now I've stayed away form the latter, largely because it's something I

6 11, 2017

The Chris Peil Interview

I got to do an interview I was looking to do for a long while. It's always a pleasure to talk about the paranormal, ghosts, cryptozoological and UFO's. I've got a long list of true crime stories to cover and I really can't wait... This is something a little different. I first got the idea of doing an alternative fitness interview when listening

21 07, 2017

Pod cast 2 “The Black Plague Conspiracy”

Writer C.R. Berry left his career as a criminal lawyer to become a writer and his blog "Behind the Curtain" looks at everything from true crimes and corporate conspiracies to celebrity deaths and UFO's. On this interview we talk about the Black Plague and the conspiracies surrounding it. I've already got him to promise to come back on later in the year. Hope you enjoy

19 05, 2017

The Cat 107.9 interview

This is the full interview  I got off Liam Walker, from South Cheshire College, I hope you guys like it. We're talking about a follow up interview once he's had a chance to reed the book and review it. I've also had an email off the publishers Austin Mac regarding reviews. If I can keep getting reviews posted to the Amazon page it would really

17 05, 2017

The Shadow Seekers interview!

I promised this a long while ago, but earlier last month I managed to catch up with Simon from the Nantwich Shadow Seekers at Costa Coffee House in Nantwich. We did an interview about his non-profit paranormal investigations group. They have done investigations all over Staffordshire and Cheshire. They've been to all the local favourite spots including the famously haunted Crewe Lyceum Theatre and the

15 05, 2017

The first book events

In a few years time I might look back on my first two book signing events and smile to myself. I turned up to Barnton library not knowing how many people were going to come if any. I wasn’t prepared for what to do if nobody showed up, or what to do if the room was full. I got a weird feeling that when I

26 03, 2017

What’s behind an exorcism part 2 “Early man, early demons”

What’s behind an exorcism, part two. “Early man, early demons” In this section we’re going to look for the earliest references made to demons, demonic entities and how mankind would interact with them in their stories. I’m going to examine what powers these demons had and what man would do physically and spiritually to protect themselves from their powers. I’m also hoping to find that

13 03, 2017

What’s behind an exorcism – part 1

  What’s behind an exorcist   In 1979 a film changed the way people looked at demons, exorcisms and the Ouija board for generations. It caused such a stir it was banned some countries and churches opened a midnight mass to offer the communion to those that had seen it.   For generations, it became the classic film to put on when you reached the

19 10, 2016

Embedding fact into fiction

Embedding fact into fiction: Back in 2005, This novel was in it's roots, as little more then an assignment for a post-grad. I was work-shopping a segment for constructive criticism with my colleagues in a class room in Manchester and I received a comment that gave me a little direction. Particularly when it resonated with agreement around the room. Exactly what the person said I

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